What First Rate Roofing Offers:

Install New Felt Underlayment

Installing multiple layers of upgraded felt underlayment under a tile roof, will guarantee for years to come, that the roof will be safe from stained ceilings and walls, a result of water intrusion.

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Install New Shingles

Remove old shingles. Repair and replace damaged wood features such as fascia, eaves, and roof decking. Install shingles.

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Tile or Shingle Repair

To avoid a full roof replacement. Repair broken or missing tiles/shingles after laying down two layers of underlayment, replacing rotten wood, and doing preventive maintenance such as clearing valleys of debris and sealing pipe jacks.

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Flat Roof & Patio Repair

Restoring flat roofs by cleaning debris, sealing roof laps and holes, laying down primer coat, and applying elastomeric roof coating.

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Wood Fascia & Eaves

Replace rotting wood on fascia, rafters and eaves.

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